Summer's arrival can bring both joy and frustration to our skin

The heat triggers sweat, which mixes with airborne dirt and grime, creating an ideal breeding ground for irritated skin conditions. In this blog, we will delve into the confusing world of unexplained (and explained) skin rashes and irritation, explore a few of their causes, and get insights for relief.

Rashes: Unexplained rashes can appear on the face, often spreading to the neck and chest due to the extensive network of nerves. This discomfort is exacerbated by scratching, which worsens the condition. Of course, these rashes are not limited to the face and can appear anywhere on the body. People often refer to these types of unexplained rashes as "heat rash". Trying to cool down a hot, itchy rash by sitting in front of an air conditioner will not alleviate the discomfort, which can lead to sleepless nights and frustration.

Sun Burn & Sun Poisoning: While sunburns and sun poisoning have become less common due to increased sun avoidance, it remains a challenge for many, especially those who have aged or thinning skin. For some people, even brief sun exposure can lead to persistent itch and inflammation, particularly in individuals with fair skin. For older generations, these conditions are exacerbated by medications that are often consumed. 

Stress: Often, the source of unexplained rashes is stress-induced. Internal anxiety and nervousness manifest on the skin's surface, leading to itchiness and irritation. 

Exploring Solutions

See Your Doctor: Visiting a dermatologist can sometimes offer relief, leading to recommendations for cortisone or anti-itch creams. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to address inflammation. However, these treatments can only provide temporary relief, and can sometimes make things worse because they tend to damage the skin's microbiome. When this happens, it weakens the skin, allowing the condition to resurface.

Anti-Histamines:¬†For some, stress-induced rashes respond well to anti-histamines like Zyrtec¬ģ or Claritin¬ģ. If these medications alleviate itching and rash, it can be a sign that the problem stems from stress rather than dermatitis.

Try our 302 Professional science-based organic skincare:

302 Remedy - A light, easy-spreading ointment cream that is perfect to help alleviate skin rashes, itchiness, sunburn, and any other skin irritation. It contains organic hydrosols of arnica and yucca to soothe the skin and zinc oxide to reduce inflammation. A #1 best seller!

302 Revive - It's a cleanser and a moisturizer in one; unique in all of professional skincare products -- you won't find another product like this one! 302 Revive is a stand-alone product for visibly inflamed skin, for which it was formula-designed.

To minimize sun damage:  Try Vitamin C 12.5 Serum. Vitamin C applied topically works to neutralize free radicals that cause damage and inflammation.

PRO TIP: Applying your Vitamin C Serum the night before sun exposure, and then a good sunscreen the day of sun exposure (try the all-natural 302 Mineral Moisturizer), will give an extra layer of protection to the skin from sun damage and the aging that it causes.

During times of stress-induced skin problems, it's essential to simplify your skincare routine. Opt for mild, neutral cleansers that soothe the skin, like 302 Revive (mentioned above) or 302 Sensitive Cleanser. 

PRO TIP: A one-time use of a salicylic cleanser, such as the 3% Salicylic Cleanser from 302 Professional Skincare, may also provide relief. 

Self-Care and Relaxation: As we navigate the challenges of unexplained rashes and skin irritation, it's crucial to prioritize self-care and relaxation. Managing stress levels through mindfulness techniques and a simplified skincare routine can often lead to visible improvements. By understanding the connection between our emotional well-being and our skin's health, we can embark on a journey toward lasting relief.


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