The Science Behind Crinkly Skin (AKA: Fine Lines & Wrinkles) and Effective Solutions

Aging, while inevitable, comes with its own set of challenges, and one of them is the emergence of crinkly skin. In this blog, we dive into the world of crinkly skin, exploring its causes and unveiling effective solutions for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

What is crinkly skin? 

It looks detached, unconnected, and thin like crepe paper. It often is accompanied by spots and discolorations.

What causes crinkly skin?

The two main culprits? Genetics and Sun Damage.

The Role of Sun Damage: 

There's not much that can be done about genetics. If you are genetically predisposed to getting crinkly skin, that's that. Beyond genetics, sun exposure is one of the leading causes of crinkly skin. Sunscreens, though vital, might not prevent this issue. Solar elastosis, which is the skin's response to excessive ultraviolet radiation, leads to the proteins in our skin becoming tangled, resulting in a crinkly appearance.

How can we treat, or even prevent, crinkly skin?

The Science Behind Effective Solutions:

302 Professional Skincare products provide a comprehensive approach to combating crinkly skin. The 302 molecule (also called Avogen), a metabolite that supports positive cell signaling in the extracellular matrix, has shown promising results in preventing the tangling of proteins (or what we sometimes refer to as "gristle formation") in our skin, effectively reducing the occurrence of crinkly skin (302 DROPS & 302 SERUM contain Avogen). Coupled with retinol, a vitamin A derivative, as found in products like A 0.5 DROPS by 302 Skincare, this combination works effectively at the cellular level.
For convenience, you can find both the 302 Molecule (Avogen) and retinol together in one 302 Skincare product, SYNERGY DROPS or SYNERGY SERUM. These products offer the perfect one-two punch to tackle crinkly skin and its underlying causes.

What about other ways to combat crinkly skin?

Vitamin C works in the dermis, helping to weed out spots and build dermal collagen, which helps to create a smoother appearance. Once or twice per week with a high concentration is the best approach. 302 Skincare's C 12.5 DROPS or C 12.5 SERUM are both excellent topical vitamin C products to use to help "fight the crinkle"!
As for skin treatments, Ultrasound is by far the best method to weed out gristle and tighten the skin. But, quality home-use instruments are difficult to source. It's best to pay a visit to your local holistic esthetician when seeing this kind of treatment.
While crinkly skin might seem like a formidable challenge, science, and carefully chosen products can make a significant difference. From retinol to 302 molecules (Avogen) and ultrasound treatments, the arsenal against crinkles is robust. Embrace a journey of rejuvenation and explore these science-backed solutions for skin that defies age with confidence.
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