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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin with Advice from Blossom

Today, we're talking about "dry skin." Yep, that feeling when your skin feels like it needs a big gulp of water but no matter what you do, it just stays dry. Does your skin feel this way? If so, you're not alone. Let's explore why this happens and what you can do about it.

Why is my skin so dry?

We have had countless clients come to us who are struggling with this persistent issue. Here are some ways that we combat it:

First step. First, we look at the products that are being applied to the skin, and often times we ask the client to stop using some or all of what they are currently using. There are a lot of products that are being sold at drug stores and big box stores that are loaded with chemicals and cheap ingredients which promote dry skin – even when they are being advertised as “a moisturizer”. The goal is to stabilize the skin and allow it to return to its normal metabolic state. So, we eliminate these potential irritants and culprits. But there are other areas of the life to look at as well, that can affect the skin.

Here's a breakdown of our process.

  1. After analyzing the client’s current skin care product regimen, we remove some (or all) of the products they are currently using – like the cheap creams and lotions, and the stripping cleansers and harsh exfoliators. Sometimes, this alone is enough!
  2. Then, we find out if they are on any medications. Things like anti-depressants and birth control pills can sometimes be the culprits. Thyroid medications can also play a role. Always look at a medication’s side effects to see whether or not dry skin is mentioned.
  3. After that, we look at other potential factors and remove those if they seem like they might be a problem -- such as:
  • diet
  • for some people, exposure to pets
  • radiation exposure
  • and lifestyle choices like wine/alcohol consumption

    SIDE STORY: A few years ago, we had a client that came to us complaining of dry skin, but she was using really good products that should have been keeping it hydrated. After quizzing her at length about all the things, we found out that she was using a Clairesonic Skin Brush twice a day! She was constantly dry and flakey, but she hadn’t made the connection. So, we had her reduce that to just 2 times per week (instead of 14), we kept her on her current product regimen, and we gave her a Hydrating Mask to use at night – and her skin improved immensely, and was no longer dry. Problem solved!

    But what if your skin is still as dry as a desert even after removing all these things? Well, now it's time to dive even deeper.

    Here's a simple test:


    Lightly apply 302 Revive  to your face. Wait 30 - 50 minutes before applying your makeup or sunscreen – or, do this test on days when you won’t need makeup or sunscreen. Do not use any other products like moisturizers, facial oils, or serums.


    Cleanse with 302 Sensitive Cleanser. Again, don’t use any other products. Repeat this for five days.

    Skin Still Dry? It's Likely Systemic.

    If your skin remains dry, not inflamed or irritated, but simply dry, the issue is probably systemic.

    Next Step: 

    1. Are you getting too much calcium in your diet?
    2. Your diet might be a factor if it's unbalanced. Going too vegan or subsisting on beef jerky could lead to dry skin.
    3. Dehydration could be a culprit. Drinking excessive “purified” or “distilled” water can strip electrolytes, leaving your skin dry. Drink lots and lots of water, but try adding electrolytes to it.

    PRO TIP: We like to put a teabag into our room temperature water. It gently flavors the water without adding sugar, adds minerals that help our body to absorb the water, and the flavor options of tea are endless! You can use the same teabag over and over again, which is very economical!

    What Can You Do?

    • Move your body regularly – even just taking a walk is helpful.
    • Incorporate avocados into your diet (one a day).
    • Incorporate a high quality fish oil into your diet, which contains the proper balance of Omega 3s, 6s & 9s.
    • Maintain a balanced diet, avoiding inflammatory foods like soy, dairy, gluten, and highly processed oils like Canola oil.
    • If you eat meat, consider switching from factory farmed animals to grass-fed beef raised on small farms. Factory-farmed animals are fed the wrong diet and are not healthy.
    • Be cautious with supplements, as they can disrupt proper cell signaling. 
    • Don’t over exfoliate (using a skin brush twice a day, every day, is too much!)
    • Use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, your cleanser is too strong. 302 Sensitive Cleanser won’t strip, but is really effective at removing makeup, dirt and debris (even eye makeup!).

    Some other ideas? Consider using Retinol found in products like 302 A 1.0 Drops or 302 A 0.5 Drops, applied twice a week with 302 Revive. This can help plump your skin and reduce dryness.


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