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302 Synergy Drops

302 Synergy Drops

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A synergistic combination of Avogen 302 and Retinol that targets key complementary skin receptors to address visibly aged, thinning, and coarse, sun-damaged skin.

Available size: 1 oz.

Please select: White label or Gray label (Gray label has no added fragrance)

USAGE GUIDE (Warning: Use as directed. Using this product more often than directed can cause skin irritation, redness, rash and other skin issues. If skin becomes irritated, cut back on usage, or discontinue use and seek advice from a 302 Professional.)

Product Information

An elegant, very high activity formula in a base of non-comedogenic oils.

Not to be mixed with exfoliating acid products (salicylic, glycolic, lactic, etc.) or applied to skin with recent sensitivity issues from chemicals (natural or synthetic). 

Excellent for thin, inelastic skin. Visible change to sun damaged, listless skin.

Unique application: dispense a small amount to skin wetted with CALMING MIST or pure or distilled water. Spread evenly for an elegant, moisturized after feel, never greasy. Mornings or evenings, every other day for best outcome.

Some skin warmth may be noticeable for first several applications (it’s working).

Key Benefits

  • Skin plumping and turgor
  • Well tolerated
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Stable, high activity formula
  • Noticeable, visible improvement
  • Refreshing light scent

Targeted Skin Type

Thinning or coarse skin from aging are primary targets for SYNERGY DROPS. Skin that is unresponsive and marked by a papery surface, or conversely coarse, heavy skin that is marked by sun damage will respond where simple exfoliating just brings up the same old problems again and again. 


Oil drops

Ingredients: White Label

Organic jojoba oil, medium chain triglycerides, Avogen 302, vitamin A (retinol), vanilla, mint, herbal extracts, BHA

Ingredients: Gray Label

Organic jojoba oil, medium chain triglycerides, Avogen 302, vitamin A (retinol), BHA

Care Instructions

For topical use only. If irritation develops, discontinue use.

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