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302 Self Tanner Gel

302 Self Tanner Gel

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Product Description

The bronze/tan look will wear off as new squames come up from the epidermis and flake-off over a period of a week. The ingredient is not absorbed into the body.

Most self-tanners are formulated improperly in order to achieve long shelf life. These products form isomers in the processing steps that increase as time goes on as the bottle sits on the shelf. It is the isomers of dihydroxyacetone that produce the orange look.

302 Professional Skincare produces its product without heat and without interfering isomer forming ingredients, and our product is always freshly made. The result is always a great, natural tan look. 


Orange-free look, light and easy application, results in less than 8 hours - pH 6.5-7.5

How to Apply

We are excited to offer one of the very best alternatives to the sun itself. 302 Skincare Self Tanner: Gel finally provides the gorgeous look you seek, without resorting to harming your skin by baking in the hot Southern California sun (or tanning bed). Formulated much differently than mass produced tanning products, you will noticeably see and feel the amazing results.

Ingredients - Self Tanner: Gel:

 Organic green tea, dihydroxyacetone, kosher glycerine, polyquat 81, cellulose polymer, polysorbate 80, zinc oxide, citric acid, sodium benzoate, coconut.

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