302 Calming Mask Rx

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Product Description

A rich, creamy healing mask that spreads easily. Mineral action from calcium, zinc and natural clays in a hydrating base.


Recommended Skin Types

Excellent for skin that is sensitive, inflamed, irritated or oily. 



  • Immediately absorbs skin debris, surface toxins and oils
  • Deep cleansing

How to apply
Apply immediately after cleansing with Sensitive Cleanser Rx. Mist area with Calming Mist Rx and then spread mask evenly. Allow to penetrate for 10 minutes. Rinse well with tepid water.

Apply Calming Mist Rx (and optionally Moisturizing Drops Rx) followed by Remedy Rx. Skin will feel warm and some pinking may occur for the first few hours. If rash is present, finish procedure with Revive Rx.


Limit home care application to not more than once per week.

Topical use only.
If irritation develops, discontinue use.

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, mineral colloid, zinc oxide, kosher glycerine, acyclic hydro-nitrogens, polysorbate 80, polyquat 81, sodium benzoate, vanilla.