302 SYNERGY SERUM: Best Uses

(Warning: Use as directed. Using this product more often than directed can cause skin irritation, redness, rash and other skin issues. If skin becomes irritated, cut back on usage, or discontinue use and seek advice from a 302 Professional.)

Note: SYNERGY DROPS and SYNERGY SERUM contain two highly  active molecules in significant concentrations. These products address visible aging but can also be used to smooth mild acne scars. It is not advisable to add the following products into your weekly Synergy regimen: A 0.5, A 1.0 (drops or serum), 302 DROPS or 302 DROPS PLUS or 302 SERUM or 302 SERUM PLUS.  All other actives are in play.


  1. Apply SYNERGY SERUM 2x or 3x per week, evenings (observe and adjust).
  2. Complete smoothing takes several months but noticeable change occurs within first month.
  3. Other actives are not recommended in combination with SYNERGY SERUM for acne scar smoothing.
  4. Minimize other leave-on products too. Avoid makeup, moisturizers and sunblock.
  5. Use only very mild products and very infrequently exfoliate.
  6. Discontinue entire regime for 7 days every month. Let skin rest, cleanse and leave-on REVIVE only.

TIP: Use REVIVE as a cleanser and a leave-on moisturizer to help keep visible blemishes in check.


  1. Apply SYNERGY SERUM 2x or 3x per week, evenings.
  2. After two weeks you may add either C 12.5 DROPS / C 12.5 SERUM 1x per week, evenings.
  3. CERAMIDE SERUM or PRO HYA + also would be excellent choices to use once or twice per week with SYNERGY SERUM.
  4. If you three actives in play, limit every active to 1x per week application.
  5. NEVER have more than three actives in play during a week. Limit every active to once per week to keep skin fresh and not saturated if three are in play.
  6. Minimize other products, especially makeup and moisturizers, avoid sunblock chemistry. Use REVIVE as cleanser, alternate with other cleanser, like 302 CLEANSER. Use REVIVE as moisturizer, too, especially if skin is unstable.

For your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Exfoliating acids usage is infrequent
  • Benzoyl peroxide free for 30 days
  • Not inflamed or visibly unstable
  • Sensitive but not visibly unstable
  • Light to average makeup usage

Not for your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Inflamed, unstable skin
  • Unusual oral medications causing skin instability (i.e. chemo, cortisones, thyroid meds) may cause erratic skin behavior.

Recommended frequency of use:

  • Two or three times (2x-3x) per week (observe and adjust)
  • After one month discontinue current active(s) regimen and allow skin to rest for a 7 days before resuming. This will allow skin reactions further out to be fresh and not weakened by over frequent or prolonged application periods.


(Note: two or three cleansers are recommended to be cycled through per week for best skin results)

Additional actives while using SYNERGY SERUM:

  • Do not introduce another active for 2 weeks
  • Do not apply a second active more often than 2x per week
  • You could have a third active in play
  • Three actives per week = apply once per week (maximum)
  • If you have two or more actives in play AND are exfoliating frequently or with strong concentrations of exfoliating acids, YOU WILL cause skin instability.

Additional leave-ons acceptable:


  • Exfoliation
  • Scrubs
  • Heavy makeup
  • Benzoyl Peroxide