302 HYDRATING MASK: Introduction

This is from a recipe that dates back to the 1920’s. We added a few updates but this “old school” formula has survived for so long because it works – and works very well.

Dry? Parched? Prepare to feel drenched and loving it. Don’t let the heavy feel of its application suddenly give you cold feet. It will leave your skin afterward like a plump, dewy, baby’s cheek.


  1. Cleanse well with REVIVE or FACE & BODY BAR, rinse, leave skin wet.
  2. Smooth in with clean sponges. You may use fingers but sponges are preferred to keep the procedure sanitary.
  3. Around eyes (avoid eye, be careful on eyelids), and nose and along jaw line are most effective areas of application in addition to cheeks, upper lip, chin, neck, forehead.
  4. Allow 15 to 30 minutes dwell time. Eyes closed.
  5. Spritz with CALMING MIST to keep mask damp during dwell time. This is usually not an issue for HYDRATING MASK so if you don’t have a MIST, no worries.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with very warm water.
  7. Rinse again. Clean, wetted wash cloth is permitted.
  8. Apply FACE & BODY BAR as your cleanser, and then rinse off. A second application may feel necessary but usually isn’t.
  9. Wait at least one hour before applying any leave-on. This will ensure your skin remains stable.
  10. Feel free to mist with CALMING MIST anytime post procedure.

For your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Dry

Not for your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Dermatitis

Recommended frequency of use:

  • Limit to once (1x) per week.

Cleanse options:

Additional actives while using HYDRATING MASK:

  • N/A – do not apply actives this day

Additional leave-ons acceptable:

  • N/A for one hour post procedure – though CALMING MIST is okay.


  • Scrubs
  • Acid peels
  • Benzoyl peroxide